Surviving the work week

I have survived so far! Its hard getting  out of bed in the morning after four or five hours of sleep, but it will be worth it. For those of you just now reading; I volunteered to pick up some prn hours at the facility I work at as a nurse. I’m usually stay at home mom to our three girls but the chance came up to make some money so husband and I figured out our schedules so he can be home with our girls while I’m at work in the evenings.

There has been good and bad from the new schedule. I find myself more motivated to get my household chores done in a more timely manner. Knowing I don’t have time in the evenings since I’m at work, I get it done right away instead of the “Ill do it later” attitude I am famous for adopting. I cook all three meals early in the morning before the kids wake up. Other positive is we should be able to get in a little bit better financial situation. We aren’t in the red, but we toe the line closely. 🙂

The bad is obviously been not seeing my girls in the evenings. No tucking them into bed and telling them my wild, made up bedtime horse stories. Although I think they are liking cartoon time with daddy. I say 30 minutes a day and he leaves the TV run even if no one is watching it. Also other drawback has been less sleep. Bit what mom isn’t used to lack of sleep?

Just thought I’d check in. Yes, I’m surviving, yes I am loving getting to work and contribute financially to the household, and its great being a nurse. I love my people.

Post to follow about the easy meals I’ve prepared so my family still has a home cooked meal.

Peace to you on this Epiphany Day!

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