What do you do when your sunshine moves?

Life on the HK Bar can seem so slow in the winter. Our time with our horses is less as cold winds chill to the soul. Cows,horses, dogs,  cats, and family of the HK spend more time eating, sleeping, and just trying to keep warm. We find that our sunshine has moved, and left us in a cold, grey shadow.


HK Bar Kitty Jingle Bell a.k.a. Nermle

While reading today I also observed my beloved housecat lying in the sun. I was thinking oh how good it must feel to lie in the warm sun and have a good snooze.  I went back to reading my book, only to look up about a half hour later, to realize my cats patch of sunshine had moved. She was lying half in the sun and half out. She still seemed content, and I went back to my book. Then some thirty minutes more passed and out of the corner of my eye I saw the cat look up and realize her sunlight had now completely moved on her. She looked around with an heir of annoyance. The she did something that made me smile. She stretched her four paws skyward, stretched, gave a very lazy roll to the left, also back into full basking position in the sun, curled up, and went back to sleep.

It made me think of how I react and behave in winter when somebody moves my sunshine. I have to admit I don’t prefer cold weather of winter. I have a tendency to grumble and be prone to sour depressed moods. After a few moments of reflection I made a decision to be more like my cat. When someone moves my sunshine I’ll just give a good stretch, a short roll to the left, and find some other patch of sunshine to enjoy.

Each patch of sunshine doesn’t last forever, but when its over, you can always find a new patch to enjoy.

From the HK Bar to the world, warm thoughts and well wishes from Kansas.


Finding her sunshine again

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