Saturday Suprise

What a great Saturday morning I have had today. The only thing missing was my oldest, Capn Boo. She is off on another adventure with her mimi and papa.

Husband, girls and I loaded up in the suburban with a trailer hitched up and took off for a very exciting adventure. We passed several beautiful farms, and enjoyed talking about what we liked about each place. Owl shouted “cows! Horses! Cows and Horses!” Every time she spotted one. And Bunny smiled her smile.

It is a rare occasion we are all together at one time outside of mealtime. My husband works long hours, and I have been working more outside of the house. Although Boo wasn’t with us, we had a nice outing as a family. Where did we go?

Today’s trip was just another piece to the puzzle of starting my business adventure. Today we got our pony cart!!!!!


I found it dirt cheap from a lovely little family that was getting out of the horse business. They also had a beautiful harness set. It was black fine leather with silver star embellishments. It was beautiful, but sadly not in the budget right now.

This small business isn’t meant to support our family, but to support our horses. So I have been very cautious and thrifty with what I have spent in supplies. The idea is to put more money in our horse account, not take it out.

Despite having to leave a beautiful harness set behind, the new pony cart is beautiful. It was used ten times by the previous owner whom bought it brand new. She had just lost interest in horses…..I know that won’t be happening to the HK Bar girls anytime soon!

Today was perfect. I spent time with my family, and I took another step on the unknown trail of small business entrepreneurship.

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