Giving Life the Finger

Sometimes I just want to flip life in general the bird. I want to fly my middle finger to all the crap going wrong. Have you ever wanted to?

Here’s my advice…

Don’t waste your time…

You’ll end up with more going wrong than right..

How do I know?

You see, today I gave life the proverbial middle finger, I literally stood in my kitchen flipping my bills on my desk off.

Crazy, ummmm, yes probably.

Then my five year old daughter Boo walks in and sees my fit of craziness. She says,
“Mom, what are you doing? Have you lost your mind? Daddy says we aren’t supposed to make that gesture… means fu#* off….and that’s not something nice cowgirls say. Straighten up and put that finger to use, go work or something.”

Really Boo? I think my five year old is secretly a super hero. So much knowledge and understanding of the world around her.

In all my frustration, I lost sight of focusing my energy toward fixing and planning. Instead I lost my mind in front of my five year old and commenced to making rude gestures at my desk full of paperwork.

And then Boo told her dad, “Dad you really need to have a talk with mom about her hand gestures… know like the one we had about not flipping people or things off.”

So point being…..if you ever feel like giving life the bird….


Because you’ll end up showing your five year old your nutcase side, and then you’ll get a lesson in edicate, and then you’ll get to find a way to explain it all to your husband without sounding even more crazy…

Do as my daughter said, put your hands to better use.     

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