I realized today I’m Fat

No, really. Did I just realize it today. No, I think it was horseshow season when I had trouble fitting into my show jeans, and had to stuff my upper body in my show slinkies. I think it was when my saddle didn’t fit right and I had trouble squishing myself into it…..

I’ve just been ignoring it. Now show season is less than three months away and I’m in exactly the same shape I was then. 180 lbs. Out of shape. 5 feet 5 inches.

While driving to work today (I picked up a nursing shift) I decided I’m done. I’m done squishing myself into show clothes, I’m done slowly killing myself with coca cola and bad eating habits.

I am done.

But now comes the hard part.
Drink water.

Here we go!

10 thoughts on “I realized today I’m Fat

  1. Im on this path too! Last jan i was 180 lbs and got down to 164, this dec i was 211 lbs! I felt ashamed of myself! Two weeks in and i’ve lost 6lbs.. By eating clean, and moving more! You can do it… And you’ll have so much more energy for it!!

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