The Tea Towel Lies


Life on the HK Bar can be hectic. We go in five different directions at once most times. Work, horses, clean house, walk dogs, basketball practice, adventures, there is always so much going on. I keep two calendars, one on the wall, and one on my phone with all appointments and scheduling details. But honestly, I usually don’t even know what day it is until I consult my tea towels.

You see they have the days of the week on them and I put the next fresh towel out at night. That way the next morning I know what day it is. I start every morning in the kitchen cooking breakfast for the girls. I always notice the day on the tea towel before I look at either calendar that I keep.

This morning the tea towel lied. Blatantly lied to my face. It said it was Friday. So I did what I do every Friday morning. I went back to sleep.

An hour later at 0600 Boo comes running in my room half dressed in her school uniform shouting, “Mom get up! I’m going to be late for school and the little girls are still asleep! Get up!”

In my brain fog of sleep I suddenly realized that bastard tea towel lied. It was Wednesday, not Friday! 

I flew out of bed and commenced to dragging sleeping girls out of bed, throwing cereal and toast at them for breakfast, and leaving the house to get Boo to school on time. (No one having brushed thier teeth, ewww)

Moral of the story, don’t trust a tea towel, they lie.

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