1. To accept as true, feel sure of the truth
2. Hold as opinion, think or suppose

That’s the definition of believe. And youll notice its a verb. A verb suggests action or motion.

I haven’t always believed in myself. Not like I should have. I have always been very critical of myself. Looking over my past I have often sabotaged myself.

Phrases I said to myself that caused this:
1. I can’t
2. I’m not strong enough.
3. I’m too busy.
4. What will people think?
5. What if I’m not good enough?
6. What if I fail?

Here’s how I have been answering myself these days:
1. I only can’t if I never try. I can if  I first believe in myself.
2. I am strong enough. But I have to believe that I am.
3. I make time for what is important. But I have to believe I can find time.
4. Who cares what people think? They aren’t me, and its none of my business what someone thinks about me.
5. I am good enough.
6. The only thing I will ever accomplish is failure if I never even believe in myself and try.

I believe in myself. I believe I can make big changes. I believe I can be successful in any goal I set.

I am going to put action to the verb, I am making changes, I am being successful.

I believe…..

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