HK Bar Stable Dogs

Here on the HK we love our dogs. They help us work, they keep the truck seat warm, they teach our girls how to love and care for an animal, and they provide great companionship.

The current count of stable dogs is at 5. This is a great number. There is always someone for the kids to run, play, and get into trouble with.

Our senior dog is Tucker. He is a ten year old red heeler that has been with me since he was eight weeks old. He has the personality of a large teddy bear. Unless you’re a cow. He helps teach the younger dogs their place. He went to work with me for four years while I was working as a veterinary technician while in nursing school. He has been a constant in my life and is a great guy.


Tucker with Bunny and Owl

Our number two spot goes to our black Labrador, Bo. She is a sweet girl that I say rescued us. She found us after  our prior lab mix passed away. She loves Owl my middle daughter like her very own pup. She is a great babysitter and enjoys the girls. She loves jogging with me and stealing popcorn from my husband.


Bo and her adopted pup Owl

Number three is Boos three year old Miniature Australian Shepherd, Precious. These two are thicker than thieves. Rarely do you see Boo without also seeing Precious. Precious was bred and raised by a dear friend of ours from Walnut Creek Miniature Aussies.( If you are looking for a quality, responsible breeder she’s your woman!)


Boo teaching Precious to jump barrels

Number four goes to Bullet, a one year old heeler. She is cattle dog in training and my husband’s little buddy. She is sly and quirky. She lives to chase, and is a great pest hunter. Rats, coons,opossums, mice, etc.


Bullet with a rat she caught

Last but not least we have Tough, a one year old heeler,also Bullets brother. He is easier going than Bullet, and tolerates the kids well. He enjoys the horses and licks all over the minis. He is a great watch dog and has proven himself as guard dog on more than one occasion. If you cone to the HK and he doesn’t know your truck, you’re better off staying put in your vehicle till someone escorts you.


Tough being sent out to gather cattle

Our dogs bring so much life to the HK. We are lucky to be their people.


Dog parade

8 thoughts on “HK Bar Stable Dogs

  1. We’ve always been a ‘one dog operation’ but we recently got a blue heeler/border collie/australian shepherd mix puppy to start training for when Our austrailian shepherd is ready to retire. They are so fun and such a blessing!!


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