Taking the next step; Business Venture


This post is for all of you who have asked for an update on my new business.

Today my new truck was delivered. Its an oldie but a goodie. And its diesel engine has barely been broken in. I am very excited to have found our new truck through my father in law. It was a one owner and used strictly for pulling to rodeos. The inside is immaculate, and there is room for all three girls and my husband and I.

The new truck has been lovingly dubbed “the pony truck” by the girls, as I have told them it is for the business and will be used to haul the horses. They are as enthusiastic about its arrival as I am.

This dream of my horses supporting themselves is coming full circle. Step by step I am making progress. Step by step I am getting closer.

I have had a great time planning and assembling, now the real work begins!

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