Maiden Voyage

With help from a dear friend of mine, Lisa, we navigated the harness and cart buckles and hitched up Mr. Twilight. Twilight is over 20 years old, and is old hat at this. He stood patiently as we fastened buckled and hooked up the cart.

Twilight was a perfect gentleman, and he lit up once I was seated and had reigns in hand. His ears pricked forward knowingly, and he pranced proudly. I took him for a short drive around our circle driveways. I didn’t want to make him work too hard as he is out of shape, and he is officially in retirement. What a wonderful boy he is!

I smile knowing he will teach my girls the art of driving. Our little Twilight has taught us so many things. I admire his huge spirit and heart. He is giving to a fault, and I hope we return as much to him as he has to my family.

I’d say my maiden voyage of driving in the new cart was a success. Thank you to my dear friend Lisa for the help. And thank you to a little horse with patience and a heart the size of Texas! 

Until next time. God bless from the HK Bar and the Little Horse Company



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