Owl, BIG hat little boots

My little Owl is two years old. Her favorite things in life are horses, her cowboy hat, and her sisters. In that order.

Today while we were in Walmart she insisted on wearing her cowboy hat and walking next to the grocery cart. She said,
“Big cowgirl Mommy, I big cowgirl.”
So I let her out of the basket and let her walk. She wanted to prove a point that she is finally big enough to be trusted to walk along on her own now.

I figured my decision to give her more freedom would end in disaster. I could just envision her pulling a jelly jar off the shelf just to see it smash to the floor in a million broken pieces and a mountain of stickiness. But there was no such episode. She walked along quietly commenting on what she saw on the shelves, bread, butter, eggs, juice, apples,.

As we were walking past the bread man shelving the fresh bread , she walked up to him, whipped her hat off and said.. 
“God Bless You!!!”
Then she smiled a big ornery grin gave him a thumbs up sign and came back to the cart and took her position dutifully hanging on to the cart.

The bread man smiled and what was that a tear I saw in his eyes?!? Yes, in fact it was.

He said, not to me, but to Owl.

“You just made my day. I needed to hear that! I’ve had a bad morning. But someone in a big cowboy hat and little boots just reminded me I am blessed! Thank you!”

With that he smiled and I smiled back. Owl kept on smiling and kept on walking.

I have often said my children are my greatest teachers. They will teach me valuable lessons as long as I’m listening.

Thank you to a girl in a big hat and little boots. You reminded me today. I am blessed. In so many ways.

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