Training minis at five. Capn’ Boo the horseman.

Boo and I have been working with our two youngest minis Grace and Rose. We would like to have them broke to harness by the end of spring. They are doing amazingly well.


Boo leading Rose. Getting her used to the feel of the harness rigging.

Little Rose is almost three years old. She is generally laid back and in your pocket type of girl. Surprisingly she bucked as hard as she could when at a trot. She did not like the feel of the rigging I suppose. We kept her first session short. We practiced the feel of the rigging and standing to be tacked up. Boo tacked her up and walked her and trotted her about.

Our other coming three year old is Grace. Grace is more outgoing and independent. She loves pets and scratches but she likes it on her own terms. I originally though she would be our tough one to train. But she took to the harness well. She stood quietly as Boo groomed and harnessed her up. Boo even ground drove her for a good thirty minutes out in our open fields. By the end of thirty minutes she had her responding to voice commands whoa, get up, and had her yielding left and right.


Boo teaching Grace how to ground drive.

I will always be amazed at the spirit and determination of a five year old. Capn’ Boo is a bottomless well of patience and knowledge. When she fails she smiles and says,

“Guess I will have to figure out a different way to do it huh Mama? Because that was an epic fail!”

Then she will laugh and try, try again.

Boo is training minis at five years old. What will she be doing at fifteen… twenty? She is an amazing big personality. I am in awe of her and the zest she has for life. She inspires me. The girl doesn’t know quit.

I can’t wait to see who she is and what sh is doing in years to come. Skies the limit baby, reach those stars.

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