Business Venture Update; Little Horse Company

Little Horse Company continues to grow and become more organized with each passing day. We now have a cart and harness set. We have our panels to section us off safely at bigger events, and we have truck and trailers ready to haul horses and ponies to events.

On the paperwork side I have ledger set up, appointment book ready, business cards in design and truck advertisement decal on order. The horses health care is in order; vaccinations have been given, health papers and coggins tested approved. Farrier is on a schedule to trim feet and put on shoes when needed.

I am so ready for this adventure my heart is bursting. I am so excited to share the world of horses and miniature horses with people. I am excited by the idea that the horses may sustain themselves with this business venture. I wish for nothing but happiness and security for all the horses of Little Horse Company. With an income we can improve on barns, fencing, etc.

With all that being said I’m only nervous on one part. What if no one books?

Come support us on Facebook. We are listed under Little Horse Company

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