Horse Barn or machine shop?

Kansas winters are cold, wet, windy, and generally just no good. 0500 this morning found me tripping over dozens of unidentified things strewn about the floor of my horse barn. I fumbled around in the dark groping along the wall to find the overhead lights. Silently hoping I didn’t bash my head on a beam or trip over the several items strewn about the floor.

Ah, finally found the lights. I look around at my fairly organized tack area. Nothing fancy, but all my bridles, medicines, wraps, saddles, and blankets etc are all in good order….and then I survey the damage winter has had on my barn….or more so the damage that has occurred due to my husband. One of the old feed trucks has croaked in the middle of the alley…the hood is popped open like the mouth of a hungry animal….tools are strewn about….there are trailer tie down straps tossed on the ground…..two weedeaters…..three chainsaws….the welder is out…. O2 and acetylene bottles in their carriage standing plumb in the way of everything …..everywhere I look I see chaos. I have to take a deep breath and count to ten…four times…. To keep myself from randomly picking up random stuff and throwing it. I think for Gods sake this is my horse barn NOT A MACHINE SHOP!

My husband is a wonderful person….but he has nine hundred projects going at once. And as I mentioned before Kansas winters are brutal. Needless to say no one wants to breath life back into the deceased feed truck in subzero temperatures…. No one wants to tidy up the horse barn. That now resembles a machine shop.

I’m so touchy about my horse barn I admit it. I mean really my husband throwing his stuff in my barn like yesterdays underwear is just annoying.

The rest of the barn contains stacked square bales, feed area, and one sliding door that is open. With a 10×12 area for the miniatures to get inside. Then there is quite a bit of dead space where I hope to put in two stalls. The barn isn’t anything fancy, but its getting to be more and more functional.

I am super annoyed with the cold weather…and my horse barn turned sort of machine shop.

I want the sun back…..I want winter projects to be wrapped up neatly in a finished product…..

But most of all I want to reclaim my horse barn.

Until then well wishes from the HK Bar to you.

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