Is This What Drowning Feels Like?

The laundry is heaping, the floors have remnants of at least the past five meals, so much loose cat hair I could knit five sweaters (if I knew hot to knit), the stack of bills to be payed has toppled over, I look around at things half washed, half done, and I wonder
Is This What Drowning Feels Like?
So many things to be done, to do, to accomplish, to plan, to fix….

Then I laugh hysterically.
Have I gone completely mad hatter?

No, this isn’t what drowning feels like. This is what life feels like.

My beautiful messy life. So I will fold the laundry, sweep the floors, maybe learn to knit and put that cat hair to use, pay those bills. I will go a little mad hatter and laugh hysterically, I will realize this isn’t what drowning feels like……. I will realize if I take deep breaths no water will suffocate me….I will realize that hysterical laugh I hear is my own. I’ll realize I’m thankful for laundry and bills and cat hair…Because this is life I’m feeling…


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