Owl checks cows


Owl two years old, Grace (mini horse) 3 years old. Checking cows

It was a rare day on the HK Bar. My middle daughter and I had the whole day to ourselves. (Boo my oldest and Bunny the youngest went shopping with good friends.) I asked her what she wanted to do and she said,
“Ride minis, check cows!”
I love the fact that at two years old, her greatest joys are her horses and our cows. She is a true farm girl. She could have said anything , toys! Shopping! McDonalds! But she said “Ride minis, check cows!”

For weeks I have been talking to my three girls about our cows having calves. I taught them about breeding and how long it takes for the calves to finally hit the ground. We marked the calendar and have been greatly anticipating due dates. We have had so much fun with it. And the girls are learning so much about life and how nature works. So I wasn’t surprised that was one of Owls requests to “check cows”. She wants some baby calves!

So we decided to do both activities at once. We have two three year old miniature horses that we are training so I told Owl to pick one. She picked Grace and away we went horseback to check the cows.

We laughed and talked while we brushed and bridled Grace. And then we set out. Owl is a pretty confident rider and was giggling the whole time. We found no new baby calves, but we had a great time all the same. 

This is a day I hope I never forget. Its was a day of adventure, it was a day of laughs, and it was a day of freedom. It was also a day that my daughter reminded me what’s most important to  me. The cows…..the horses….the HK Bar…..laughing…. Learning…..enjoying…..life and my family.


Me (Heather), Owl, Grace (mini horse) checking cows

From the HK Bar to you, have a blessed day!

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