Horse show fever

Today I got our show dates from the circuit we are members of. I was so excited. I found myself dancing around the kitchen with my three girls excitedly twirling, whirling, and jumping up and down. There is nothing g better than the potential a new show season holds!

I am ready for hours of practice and hard work. I am ready to see dear friends that we haven’t seen in weeks. Oh the possibilities!

Is it strange that ive already got a text ready to send to our babysitter to set up childcare for the show dates my two youngest daughter’s don’t attend?  Maybe, but in in the preparation mood.

Now comes the hard part, practice, and preparation. I am so looking forward to seeing all of our show buddies. Our circuit is like extended family, and I love the atmosphere! What are you excited about this show season ?!?

5 thoughts on “Horse show fever

    • We have a small circuit that is wonderful for learning. People are competitive, but its not big money that people backstab and look down thier noses at a new comer, or a learner, etc. They welcome all level of riders and full of enthusiastic, nice people. We are truly blessed. Hooe yo hear about some of your schooling shows!!!


      • Oh that sounds wonderful!
        We definitely do NOT have any money involved in our schooling show circuit, just ribbons, and perhaps something special to the championship winner.
        I like the easier atmosphere at the schooling shows, people are more at ease, and friendlier.
        Although I wouldn’t say they’re all that enthusiastic about new comers… Which I am 😉

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