Training Day


Boo aboard her Quarter Pony, Romeo, and trainer Erin

Today was a great day. Boos trainer worked with her on her horse Romeo. After a long winter Romeo all but loaded himself in the horse trailer.

Last year Boo competed in lead line where I had a lead on the horse in the arena; but she says she wants to do walk trot western pleasure this year. Which means no lead, no mom right there beside her. I admire her will to learn new things and try to move forward with her skills.

Boo’s trainer, Erin, is so good with her. She is soft when she needs to be, and she pushes Boo when she needs it as well. I am so impressed with her coaching skills. I am thankful for someone who can teach Boo more confidence and horsemanship skills.

Up until now I have taught Boo about horses. I am by no means an expert. But I taught her the basic safety skills and such. As she moves forward in her skill levels I found myself struggling with how to teach her. I was often on the verge of losing patience myself. I didn’t want to be the parent shouting at her kid in frustration.

I want Boo to learn responsibility, work ethic, and patience through riding horses. I could care less if the day comes she decided she didn’t want to show. I want her to love horses for the pure joy of it.

I took great joy in watching her ride today. I saw her smile big and I saw her achieve just a little bit more.

Whether she shows lead line one more year, or whether she moves forward to walk trot, I am so proud of the rider and of the person she is becoming.

I am thankful for a knowledgeable trainer to guide not only Boo, but myself in teaching her what’s next in her riding.

Heels down and eyes up Captain Boo, you’re going places.

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