V Day on the HK Bar

We started our day with a bath…..yes a bath….all four of us in a tub full of bubbles. Owl and Bunny are struggling with the side effects of teething. Both have serious runny noses and low grade fevers. But both continue to smile.

Then around midmorning we were surprised by my Granny and my Mom. They brought heart shaped sandwiches for lunch and pink fingernail polish. Wow what a treat! So all  four generations sat around the table painting our nails, laughing ,talking, and making memories. What a great day!


Granny, Bunny, and Mimi


Boo, Granny, Bunny


The teething duo Owl, me and Bunny

After a great lunch of heart sandwiches, the littles laid down for a nap. My Granny told me she was going to sit with them so I could go to the horse barn. Wow what a gift!



So my best girl Jo and I went for a great workout for about an hour.

When I came inside my Granny had folded four loads of laundry!!! She was down to one load of socks when I came in. So we sat together for nearly an hour mating socks and visiting. 

Boo went to Grandmas to spend the night and the littles and I are going to order pizza for supper. Husband should be home to join us. He is working today.

My day has been filled with lots of love on this Valentines Day. I am so blessed to have all three of my girls, my mom and my granny.

Valentines Day at the HK has been one to remember.


Boo, mama,Owl, Bunny

From the HK Bar to the world, may the love and spirit of Valentines Day touch you in some way.

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