A Catholic nurse, wife, mother, horseman’s Lent Journey

Am I a particularly religious person? I talk to God daily, sometimes its the nurse in me that pleads “God please help my patient find peace and comfort.”  Sometimes its the wife in me that pleads, “God please give me patience with my husband, and please give him guidance and understanding.” Sometimes its the mother in me that pleads, “God please give me strength and courage to be the mother I need to be for my girls.” And sometimes its the horseman in me that pleads, “please give my horse steady feet and a willing heart.”

Lent is about remembering Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection. It is a time we celebrate the struggle and renewal.  When I was a kid I always gave up something for the forty days of Lent. Pop, candy, etc. As an adult instead of giving something up I am going to give something.

As I said above I find myself praying often, but I’m always asking for things.

This Lent I will give.

As a nurse I will give my all for the people I care for. I will go the extra mile.

As a wife I will be the spouse I wish my husband to be.

As a mother I will be patient and in the moment with my children

As a horseman I will be dedicated and committed.

And as a Catholic I will thank God for all that I am blessed with.

I am committed to this journey. I will struggle, I will suffer, but at the end of this 40 day journey called Lent I will resurrect into a better version of myself.

From the HK Bar to the world What’s Your Journey?

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