The Knee we are Pretending is okay. Would someone please just do something?

A couple of weeks ago while shopping for a new barrel saddle I made a comment to my good friend Amber that my right knee felt tight. Neither one of us gave it much thought. We tried dozens of saddles and lost ourselves in the beauty and love that is the tack store.

Fast forward  to last Monday. I have picked up more nursing shifts. I squat down. .. Can’t hardly get back up and right knee refuses to cooperate. I do a very embarrassing crawl to nurses station and claw my way up using the desk. Not so gracefully might I add. Knee is swollen but I can still drag it around doing a weird hop/walk thing.

I ignore knee. It doesn’t really hurt, just feels tight and swollen….. Tuesday after nursing shift I go to e.r. because the damn knee is swelling more and still not cooperating. Sit in e.r. for four hours for them to take an xray I knew would show nothing because xray shows bone NOT soft tissue such as ligaments etc….that would require MRI. E.r. doc confirms xray of bone “looks great” but there is something definitely going on in there. Doc says he thinks its a torn meniscus or sprain. Tries to write me a script for pain meds that I immediately tell him I don’t want because I’m not in pain. Doc tries to put on knee immobilizer and send me out with crutches. Ummm yeah because that’s so realistic for me to be on crutches and in an immobilizer as I run around as a nurse caring for dozens of patients…. Or while I feed ten horses in several inches of snow…..or better yet when I care for three young children’s every needs…..bahahaha yes so realistic. Thank you e.r. doc for the xray that shows nothing and telling me to see my primary care physician.

So I struggle through Wednesday… I schedule appointments with primary doctor for Thursday a.m. I take my two and one year old daughters Owl and Bunny with me as I am full time mom when not at the occasional nursing shift. Primary doc says he thinks its a sprain….but may not be….could be a meniscal tear…..tells me if I was an athlete they would immediately MRI it and scope it……tells me I’m “obviously” not an athlete and that he would send me home on crutches and in an immobilizer….but says that’s very unrealistic as i have the farm and three young children to tend to….so ummmm yeah give it another three weeks to heal. If swelling gets worse come back in next week. Oh yeah and you can wear a brace you can buy at the drug store.

So many things I wanted to say during that appointment starting with so I’m “obviously” not an athlete…..oh man. Doc seriously have you cared for  and excersized ten horses have you fed, bathed, cleaned up after and taken care of three children have you cared for 40+ patients!?! I have to say I think that record alone qualifies me for athlete status! Oh and IF I were an athlete we would take care of it right away because I would need to be in tip top shape to get back at being a successful athlete. But I’m “obviously” not so I’ll just drag the damn swollen, uncooperative, bum right leg around behind me until the swelling undoubtedly gets worse…..and then I can come back next week and say I TOLD YOU SO. AND THEN doc you can give me my MRI and maybe then fix my knee!!!!

So here it is Sunday…I sit here with knee even more swollen… pack on….aleve taken…..and will call bright and early Monday morning to schedule another doctors appointment.

Maybe if it falls off someone will do something to figure out what’s really wrong with it? Since I’m “obviously” not an athlete, maybe not…

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