A Fling for Jo


Stud Major Duomo

It is an exciting time here on the HK Bar! Spring is just around the corner and as farmers know that means babies and breeding time is just around the corneras well! As I have discussed in an earlier post, HK Bars own Shakira J Lo “Jo” will be bred this spring. We have found a mate for Jo!

Isn’t he beautiful? He is Major Duomo a thoroughbred stud with a pedigree that is a who’s who of spectacular racing bloodlines. His owner has extended a breeding contract to our girl Jo for this breeding season, and we couldn’t be happier! Won’t they have a beautiful baby?!

I wish I could take credit for finding this beautiful stud, but I can’t. Once again my dear friend Amber found him. Doesn’t she have great taste!?! (She also found Jo)

So Jo’s breeding exam is scheduled for the 11th, contract to be signed and then we will be ready for Jo’s hopefully successful spring fling with the beautiful, exquisite Major Duomo!

If you would like more information on Major Duomo you can find him on Facebook :Major Duomo

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