A Flying Hoof Out of Nowhere

Today was farrier day for the ten horse herd that is HK Bars. Jo was tied to the back 
flat bed of a feed truck, my farriers wife, Kim, was holding Romeo some five feet behind Jo. I was holding Katelyn and Cal (our farrier ) was trimming up Charger. When out of nowhere I see Jo send a flying back hoof towards poor Romeo and Kim ! Romeo and Kim were able to dodge the flying hoof,  but narrowly!

I was SO embarrassed! Jo has NEVER offered to kick at human or another horse! I guess never say never! ( Maybe Jo is coming in season and feeling a tad bit b#@%$&?).

It was a good reminder to me why I teach my daughters how to properly walk behind a horse and to be aware of their surroundings. If Kim  hadn’t been the assertive and watchful person she is, Jo could have nailed her and Romeo a good one.

It also reminded me in life that there will be those flying hooves out of nowhere. These strikes will be cast when you feel safe and are unassuming. Moments like these hit us at our most vulnerable because we aren’t expecting them to come.

It really made me think and reflect. The point is not that these moments of flying hooves out of nowhere will come, its how we respond.

Ready or not….because these moments will come.

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