Capn’ Boo’s Words of Wisdom

Recently I was cleaning out the tack room in preparation for nicer weather. I came across several old leather halters I hadn’t seen since my high school days. That’s been a good ten years! I set the halters on my work bench with plans to clean, condition, and oil them. In the same tack box I found several brand new halters with the tags still attached.

Capn Boo, Owl, and Bunny were playing with our six miniature horses nearby. I called to the girls telling them they could all pick a new halter. All three of them beamed!

Then a funny thing happened. My girls went straight for the old crusty leather halters. The new nylon halters of bright colors were shoved aside in a hurry to get to the leather halters.

I laughed as the girls bickered over who’s was who’s. I said to Boo, “I figured you’d all three go after those bright colored halters!”

My sweet, beautiful, Capn Boo gave me the strangest look. She narrowed her eyes and a corner of her mouth turned up. She patted my hand and spoke to me like I was maybe a little slow, or like I was a small child. She said, “Oh no mama those other halters are nice and all but these leather ones will be beautiful if we clean them all up. Besides newer isn’t always better. These ones here just need someone to put some love into them. I’ll show you Mama!”

And with that she walked back to the pile of old leather halters and hung them each up on their own individual hook. Her sisters and her finally laid claim to who’s was who’s and went back to playing.

And I sat thinking on what Capn Boo had said. She’s right of course. Newer isn’t always better. I think all too often people get caught up in wanting something brand new, and in the mean time they neglect what they already have. And just like Boo said, we should be putting love into the things we do have.

Once again Capn Boo reminded me what’s important.

She said, “….these ones here just need someone to put some love into them. I’ll show you Mama!”

You sure did show me Capn Boo, you sure did.

From the HK Bar to the world, newer isn’t always better, sometimes something that’s old and dusty just needs someone to put some love into it to make it shine. And not just things but people too…….

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