Sad Day on the HK

Its almost four a.m. now and I have been lying in bed for nearly an hour trying to go back to sleep, without success. As many of you know we have one miniature horse named Black Magic that was due to foal in just a matter of weeks. We have been checking her round the clock every few hours as her time was getting closer. My husband found her passed away just a few short hours ago. She showed no signs of illness or labor, so we aren’t sure what happened.

Its quite a shock to see death when you are expecting life. My heart is breaking knowing ill have to tell Boo, Owl, and Bunny that Magic is gone. Instances like this just remind me to live the best life I can right now, in THIS moment and the immediate next, because we never know when its going to be our time. Its as simple as here one moment, and gone the next. No one is ever promised tomorrow, or even the next minute.

If you’re the praying kind, please say an extra prayer for me and my girls. Some would say she was just a horse, but to us they are like family. 😦

11 thoughts on “Sad Day on the HK

  1. Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry. This just broke my heart. I completely understand your pain. We, too, are waiting on a mare to foal. My daughter runs out every morning anticipating the surprise. I can’t even imagine the sadness of something like what you’ve experienced happening here. So so sorry. Sending prayers your way.

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