Diet Management for a Miniature Horse

I have six miniature horses and not one of them requires the exact same diet as the next. They each are individual in what they require to keep in good health. I don’t think managing a miniature horse’s diet is very easy. I am still learning, and continue to read and ask questions to take care of our minis the best that I can.

I’ve learned the hard way with one of my miniatures, three year old Grace. She now has a falling crest due to too much protein intake. (From bits of alfalfa given as a treat). However, I am thankful she is not sore on her feet. But now I am trying to figure out the best plan of action to manage her falling crest.



Although it is probably hard to tell from a picture the stage of crestiness of Graces neck, it is noticeable when looking at her neckline.



The immediate plan of action is greatly reducing her protein intake.

My six minis are on a dry lot. I have been following the Purina miniature horse and pony feed guidelines.

So we will consider these the before pictures.
Does anyone else have experience with managing a falling crest!?!

2 thoughts on “Diet Management for a Miniature Horse

  1. I hear your about cresty necks. My friesian is very cresty too and I worry, but when I reduce his diet of course he reduces everywhere but his neck last. It’s a constant battle. Low protein grass hay would be my first line of defense, but it’s tough with those pony type metabolisms. I hear you.

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