Little Horse Company

Little Horse Company is beginning to book lots of events! Sunday will be our first event. It is a birthday party. Either Romeo or Katelyn will be giving rides for 1.5 hours.

It is in our hometown, so our kickoff date of the season is Sunday! I am so excited to share our horses with other people, and start on this new adventure. We have also booked about five other events, so we are starting to book up quickly!

There was a time I wondered if Little Horse Company would make it. I wondered whether

there was a demand for this type of small business…..and it sure seems there is!

Thank you to all who have supported my dream of Little Horse Company!


4 thoughts on “Little Horse Company

  1. Awesome!!!! So excited for you!!!! I’m sure you’ll all do great. I led horses for my neighbor a couple times and her rules are:
    1. smile
    2. keep smiling
    3. smile even when the kid is a total jerk
    4. smile even when the parents are total jerks
    5. smile when something goes wrong
    6. smile when something goes right
    7. and don’t let anyone paying get hurt
    Best of wishes!!! I’m sure you’ll do fine!!

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