Jo; Major Duomo Update

Today we loaded up the family in the suburban and took more hay and grain out to Jo, our mare who is at Major Duomo’s (a tb stud) barn. She looks absolutely fantastic, and seems well adjusted.

While Hubby unloaded the hay and grain from the trailer I and the girls went to see Jo in her stall. She noticed there was people right away, and then her eyes met mine and I saw the spark of recognition. She shuffled back and forth in her stall a bit and stuck her velvety nose out to be scratched. I had brought her a few of her favorite treats (banana peels).

She made quick work of the banana peels and enjoyed being loved on and the attention from Boo, Owl, and Bunny. Major Duomo’s owner, Ali is taking great care of my girl Jo. I was so glad to see Jo in good physical, and mental health.

When the hay and grain were unloaded and kids strapped back in car seats I snuck over to Jos stall to say a quiet goodbye. I scratched her head and blew in her nostrils. And I told her I’d see her again soon. There was no pacing or shuffling this time, just a quiet Jo with her grey nose poked out of her door. I left feeling very peaceful and happy to know my girl is doing great under Ali’s care. And I have to admit I was pleased when I saw the spark of recognition in Jos eyes when she saw me, and the impatient shuffling she did as I approached her stall.

When we were driving out of Alis place hubby commented  that he hasn’t seen me smile that big for days. I just laughed in response. But he’s right I know. Its not been the same without seeing my girl everyday. I’ve missed her happy nickers, and her running to the gate when she sees me in the mornings.

Even though our horses have jobs and a function on the HK Bar, they are deeply loved and appreciated.

So anyway, Jo is no longer striking out and being aggressive towards Major. She now stands next to him quietly. So hopefully she will be coning in again soon.

My whole weekend was made. I had a beautiful drive with the family, and I got to see my girl.


Jo in her stall at Major Duomos barn

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