Miniature Horse Hair

Holy cow I just spent the last 2.5 hours brushing through the puffy manes and tails of our six miniature horses. Yes, I said 2.5 hours. Its too bad there’s not a way I could figure out a way to harvest hair from them. I could make millions from a hair club for people from miniature horse hair. They have gobs of it!!!

HK Bar weather is strange. If you spend a few days here you can experience all four seasons.  The little minis have super thick winter coats and I keep brushing and brushing thinking they will eventually shed all the way out …..three months and I’m still drowning in hair.

Pony/miniature horse hair is so much fuller and puffier than horse hair. Its crazy! Soon I plan to get the clippers out and clean up bridle paths and shave faces. I also will be learning how to thin manes……anyone have any advice or experience with thinning manes!?

So anyhow, the last two and a half hours where productive ones. All the minis now have beautiful poofy 1980s style hair with no tangles and a whole Lotta body.

And I feel so much more peaceful after some time with the littles.

11 thoughts on “Miniature Horse Hair

  1. We, too, spent over an hour today “spring cleaning” our horses. Lots of currying, watching it all fly off thinking how grateful the birds will be! It won’t be long until we spy our horse’s hair popping up in nests. Trimming, clipping and mane & tail conditioning too! It’s so therapeutic to both the horses and us I think.

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  2. Love grooming our gypsy cob very therapeutic lol fluff everywhere but therapeutic for the both of us,
    I was laughing at the two Shetlands on our farm the other day they where grooming each other and one turned to watch me walk by with a huge moustache of Shetland fluff in his mouth 🙂

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