Life is Juggling

I look at my life like I am a juggler. I juggle different balls, the first ball is “Mother”. I feel like this ball is often my heaviest. I put huge weight into being a good mom to my three girls. Everything from basic needs, feeding, clothing bathing to more complex ideas like social, spiritual, and intellectual growth are all jam packed into this one heavy ball. It may be a heavy ball, but its one I love dearly.

The second ball is ” wife”. A somewhat less intimidating ball of medium weight but still of great importance. This medium weight ball demands nurturing and continuing to grow a relationship. It demands faith and attention and trust among other things.

The third ball is what I call me the “divine” ball. This one represents my faith and spiritual journey through God. Its a ball that I drop often when the other balls seem to get heavier. Instead I need to value and cherish this one more. It gives strength where some others cannot.

The fourth ball is “career and household”. This is the ball I drop and neglect the most. Laundry goes undone, bills go unpaid, dishes stay unwashed, etc. I don’t take as many shifts at work, or I don’t put as much time into Little Horse Company.

The fifth ball is ” animals”. I love my animals dearly and they are never put on the back burner. They demand care needs like people do, emotional and physical well being. They require a great amount of time and effort.

This juggling act that is my life really runs pretty well. Sure Some balls get heavier than others at times, I drop balls, my timing gets off, and sometimes I throw them all down and pick them back up adding them back in one by one  into my juggling act.

Sometimes this juggling act goes smoothly, sometimes not. But I realize it sure is amazing I have been blessed with so many balls. (Theoretically speaking).

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