Garmin Vivofit 2; Beginning of a journey

I used to be a runner. I was fluid and graceful. I had long strides and hard muscles…….

OK so maybe I wasn’t all of those things. I was a walker/ slow jogger that sometimes ended up meandering and kicking rocks while I enjoyed the outdoor view. And I guess I can’t really say I was ever graceful. And I have rather  shortish legs, so there goes my dream of a long stride…..but I did used to have hard muscles. Well, ten years, a coke cola addiction, three kids, and a sedentary lifestyle later I have soft mushy muscles. Like seriously, I wave my hand and my arm keeps waving for a good many seconds after my hand stops. Yikes! How did I get here?

Well, its going to be a long journey out of this mess I created. One step at a time, one healthy meal at a time I will prevail. So I purchased the vivofit 2 by garmin. Its a handy little watch type device that counts steps, activity, heart rate, etc. And also has great apps to link up with to track diet and excersize.

It is very user friendly. I am not techy at all. And I even managed to do the setup in no time. I am very excited about this, and believe it will keep my goals in perspective. I’m a visual person !

So if you want to link up in a group let me know! I need some motivation buddies!

Onward to good health!

3 thoughts on “Garmin Vivofit 2; Beginning of a journey

  1. I hear you, making time for fitness takes away from horse time, lol. I like walking though and try to stick with it. They still say it’s one of the best ways to stay fit, but yeah that arm thing, ugh, I’m with you on that too, lol. You’ll have to let me know how you like the vivofit 2, maybe I’ll invest in one too. I have anything too complicated. Good LUCK!!!


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