No News; Jo Update

I went to take Jo more hay, grain, and shavings Saturday morning. She still doesn’t show any interest in Major Duomo. We dropped her off on April 11th, and here we are exactly a month later.

Jo has gained a considerable amount of weight, but she looks great. I think she is enjoying her time off from working at the HK. She seemed happy to see me, and was content with a few head scratches and a good blow of air up her nostrils.

As the wait continues I can’t help but worry about Jos fertility. From everything I’ve been told and read it sometimes takes a few more months for a mare over nine years old to come in. Jo just turned ten, so we could possibly be rowing this boat.

Thank you for all the well wishes for our Jo. And also thankful for some dear friend that are actually praying for her fertility. Haha! They are some great friends for sure!

2 thoughts on “No News; Jo Update

  1. As animal lovers are always so eager for exciting events with any fur or hoofed kid. Not to mention missing them when they are away from home. Everything will be done as it is meant to be. Just wait and see! ISy is getting in shape for G-Man. I am excited to get her there but also a nervous twit about missing her! LOL

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    • I so completely agree rae! I’m so ready for Jo to be home I can barely stand myself. My poor friends and husband I’m sure are sick of hearing me talk about Jo. Lol. Good luck with Isy going to her spring fling with gman! Its tough, but hopefully well worth the result!

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