Preparing for the Show

Today my oldest daughter Boo practiced with her trainer. She is working on walk/trot for western pleasure. She has been working really hard to gain back her confidence after a nasty spill that ended in a hospital trip and a concussion.

In her practice with her trainer today I could see her trepidation when she would begin to trot her horse. She would go straight for the saddle horn and pitch forward a bit in her saddle. She would essentially just quit riding and her Quarter Pony, Romeo would drop back down to a walk. But thank the lord for great trainers.

Erin is the greatest coach/trainer we could ask for. She is patient and kind, yet she will push Boo when she needs it. She inspires success and determination. And for that we are so thankful.

Meanwhile I am in the corner trying to make myself small. I understand why parents shouldn’t be allowed to be at practices. We have big mouths, we get in the way, we are distracting lol.

Boo and Romeo had a good practice, and Boo told me after her lesson on our way home,
“Mom, thanks for taking me and Romeo to our lesson. I’m real excited about walk trot, but I am a little scared. I don’t want to fall off again. But Im going to do it tomorrow, you know that walk trot class. I may not be perfect Mom, but in sure gonna try hard. Romeo too.”

It melted my heart to hear her say those words. I told her I never expect perfection. As long as you are trying your hardest and having fun and learning that’s all I care about. She smiled bigger, and then started talking about unicorns.

Its after these moments I realize all those times my mom told me its not about the ribbons, its not about being the best , its about learning, laughing, trying your hardest, and loving what you do. Thank you  Mom.

So the horses are groomed, the trailer is packed, practice has been done, and tomorrow we kick off the horse show season.

6 thoughts on “Preparing for the Show

  1. Best of luck to her! I had a horse bolt with me when I was 9 and it took my quite some time to realize it was going to be okay! In fact, it wasn’t until I watched an older 4H club member ride my horse and have a good time and I got super jealous and decided I was going to be the rider I was before the incident again!

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