My Life in Quotes

My three girls keep it interesting. Boo is five, Owl is two and Bunny is one. By reading these following quotes you can journey into our world and get a small peek of what life on the HK is like.    

“My butt hurts.”- Owl. Sitting on a pointed rock and looking confused.

“You said we could do something fun. When is the fun part?”- Boo. Apparently riding horses, blowing bubbles, having a breakfast picnic, going for a walk, doing sidewalk chalk, and playing in the hose doesn’t constitute as “fun”.

” Poop! So much Poop!”- Bunny. Yes, baby girl there is. So, so much Poop. Welcome to my life.

“Sometimes I lie to you for my own entertainment.”-Boo. I blame my husband for this. Why? Just because.

” Did Dad get a second job just to be able to pay for all the coffee you consume? You know its kind of alot.”-Boo. Yes, he did. Your welcome.

“Quit talking! You’re making my eyes go in circles!”.-Owl. Apparently telling her to pick up her toys is just too much stress. She just can’t hear it.

” Squish me!” Pleaseeeeeee!?” -Bunny. Yes, because I frequently Squish my children.

My girls are always good for a laugh. They always make my day brighter, I hope they did yours too.


What the HK Bar has been up to…

I know my posts have been few and far between lately. I even had a few subscribed readers email and ask if we were all OK. Thank you for that by the way ! So nice to know there are people out there who are reading faithfully, and worry when there are few posts. And also, yes, we are all o.k.

Things have been busy here. Boo has had horseshows on the weekends. I have been taking all three of them to the pool to work on swimming. (No way was I paying $70/kid for group lessons that last a week). We have been riding and grooming our horses. We have been visiting our library, almost daily, and working on our summer reading program. We have been making visits to our relatives. We have been messing up the house then cleaning the house. So much to do!

And we have had several days where Boo, Owl, Bunny, and I just do whatever strikes our fancy. This morning we ate our breakfast in our pjs while watching our horses eat thier breakfast.

Then we walked the dogs and played in mud puddles. Swang on the swingset, and ended up doing sidewalk chalk on the front porch. After there was no more area to write I sprayed off the sidewalk…..and maybe the kids too…..haha. Then inside for a bath and a movie.

So much has been going on….I’ve just been trying to soak it up….


The Stress Melted Away Even Before the Ice Cubes

Does your life ever just get too heavy? Mine does. Like when I get a notice saying I didn’t pay our property taxes from the prior year despite my obsessive compulsive book keeping. Like when I am trying to juggle a part time job as a nurse, a new small business, our farm, and being a mom full time and I feel like I’m failing at all of them. Like when I see my husband work sixteen hour days and he comes home so tired he could fall asleep in his dinner plate.

Yes, sometimes my life just gets too heavy. And when it does I head to the horse barn.

Tonight after my husband and Boo, Owl, and Bunny were all tucked into bed I made my escape. I’d spent the evening with a fake smile plastered on my face, singing patty cake five hundred times complete with hand gestures with Owl and Bunny while Boo watched Dora at a deafening volume. 

I’m generally a very happy, easy going person but as I said before life just gets a bit heavy sometimes. I get tired. I get stressed. I worry. And when I feel like I’m going to burst into a million tears I run to the horse barn.

Tonight I spent time with our six minis. Twilight, Celeste, Louise, Grace, Rose, and Easter. I dewormed everyone, gave everyone a thorough brush through, and sat in the dirt handing out treats. The self appointed sentinel of the herd Twilight came up behind me and put his head on my shoulder. And he leaned into me, breathing hot mini horse breath in my ear. He stayed there just like that as I told him everything I could think of that was making life too heavy. Being the gentleman that he is, Twilight listened attentively until he saw a break in the conversation and only then did he inquire about another treat.

Soon I was feeling life get a little lighter. Sure, my problems and stressors were still there, but I felt better after just being with the minis. The sun was setting so I told everyone goodnight, shut up the barn and snuck a last round of treats. Then headed inside to my desk to tackle the tax issue. I noticed the mason jar full of ice water on my desk that I had left just before heading out to the barn. Although some of the ice had melted, it was still 3/4 full of unmelted ice. And in that moment I realized the minis made my stress melt, even before the ice cubes.


Good News/Bad News; Jo’s Journey

It seems in every situation there is good news and bad news. So for the bad news first. Many of you have been following the progress of HK Bar farms mare Shakira J Lo and her breeding to retired thoroughbred racehorse Major Duomo. At her last sonogram the vet said she was ready to go back to the stud barn  and try another round as she was open after a last breeding. So she went back to the stud barn and has not been receptive or accepted him at all. Not due to any lack of trying from Major Duomo’s owners!

Major Duomo’s owners have been absolutely fantastic to work with. I would recommend anyone to their services, and can’t think of a single negative thing to say about their breeding program. They have done everything in their power to make this union a success.

From sonograms and time references Jo ovulates early in her cycle, and the weather has been rainy and overcast. So both factors have been against us. The vet recommended waiting till next breeding season and breeding through a stud that offers artificial insemination. More bad news is Major Duomo does not offer a.I. at this time.

So among all the bad news, there is still  some good.  I now know we will have to start much earlier in the year next year. I have learned so much about breeding cycles and practices. And I have been able to work with Major Duomo and his owner. And the best news of all? Jo is coming home.


Capn Boos Horseshow

We kicked off our horseshow season Sunday, but I’m just now getting around to posting about it. Capn Boo, 5, was working really hard on walk trot western pleasure, but they didn’t have the class. She did however decide to show stock type halter. There were eight entries in the class. She was the only exhibitor I’d guess under the age of 14. She placed 3rd and 6th! I was so proud of her for taking a leap of faith and trying something new. When she heard the placings she said, “Wow, that was great! Even if we hadn’t placed, did you see how tall and proud we stood?”


The next class she did was lead in horsemanship. She placed 1st and 4th. She sat tall in her saddle and smiled big. Romeo was a perfect gentleman. There were a ton of cute and talented kids in the leadline group. I always love seeing new talent and the new love of horses in our youth.

Boo also competed in flags speed event. She walked her horse up to the barrel circled it once, twice ,three,four,five times reaching her arm as far as she could to swipe that flag. She got it and trotted all the way home! As some of you remember she has been trying to overcome her fear of trotting after a recent fall.. She came out of that arena she was smiling bigger than I’ve ever seen. Her trainer/coach was there too and we were both so proud of her!

I am so proud of the young lady that Capn Boo is becoming. Our horses are teaching us so much every day. So I’d say the kickoff show was a success. Its not about the placings, or about the ribbons. Its about overcoming our fears, working hard, trying something new, being dedicated, cheering on our friends, and gaining life lessons.



Results Are In

No baby this time. Vet said after visualizing the uterus and assessing dates of breeding and cycles, she probably never even ovulated last cycle. He also stated our weather has been toying with the cycles.

However we didn’t get the news we wanted, we did learn a lot of information. Vet said that Jo’s uterus looks very healthy and she had a follicle on the right side. He recommended to take her back to Major Duomos barn as she will most likely accept him again in the next few days.

It was very reassuring to hear what he had to say and the assessment of Jo. He said she is in great shape and a great candidate for breeding.

I thought I would be very disappointed by a negative sonogram, but I was more releived to know Jo was healthy and breeding sound. My girls health is always number one priority.

So we did as the doctor recommended and I took Jo straight from her appointment to Major Duomo’s barn. It was of course difficult to leave her, but not as bad this time. Because of the fact I know she won’t be there a lengthy amount of time. And also because I have seen Major Duomo’s owner keeps her horses well and is very attentive.

Major Duomo was happy to see her and called out to her with great enthusiasm. She nickered back and was fairly quiet coming into the barn. So now we wait. ………..