Results Are In

No baby this time. Vet said after visualizing the uterus and assessing dates of breeding and cycles, she probably never even ovulated last cycle. He also stated our weather has been toying with the cycles.

However we didn’t get the news we wanted, we did learn a lot of information. Vet said that Jo’s uterus looks very healthy and she had a follicle on the right side. He recommended to take her back to Major Duomos barn as she will most likely accept him again in the next few days.

It was very reassuring to hear what he had to say and the assessment of Jo. He said she is in great shape and a great candidate for breeding.

I thought I would be very disappointed by a negative sonogram, but I was more releived to know Jo was healthy and breeding sound. My girls health is always number one priority.

So we did as the doctor recommended and I took Jo straight from her appointment to Major Duomo’s barn. It was of course difficult to leave her, but not as bad this time. Because of the fact I know she won’t be there a lengthy amount of time. And also because I have seen Major Duomo’s owner keeps her horses well and is very attentive.

Major Duomo was happy to see her and called out to her with great enthusiasm. She nickered back and was fairly quiet coming into the barn. So now we wait. ………..

6 thoughts on “Results Are In

    • Vet said he thinks she never even conceived. He said her uterus looks very healthy and normal, but the way the days work out she ovulates early in her cycle. She also has a very good sized follicle on her right side , so he recommended going back to the stud as she should be accepting him again within the next few days! So we went straight from the vet back to the stud barn. I am pleased we took her to get sonogrammed despite the results. It assured me she has a healthy uterus and high probability that she will settle. That piece of mind is irreplaceable and I wish I would have taken her sooner. Also nice to know how she is cycling so we don’t miss our opportunity and have to wait another cycle!

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