Capn Boos Horseshow

We kicked off our horseshow season Sunday, but I’m just now getting around to posting about it. Capn Boo, 5, was working really hard on walk trot western pleasure, but they didn’t have the class. She did however decide to show stock type halter. There were eight entries in the class. She was the only exhibitor I’d guess under the age of 14. She placed 3rd and 6th! I was so proud of her for taking a leap of faith and trying something new. When she heard the placings she said, “Wow, that was great! Even if we hadn’t placed, did you see how tall and proud we stood?”


The next class she did was lead in horsemanship. She placed 1st and 4th. She sat tall in her saddle and smiled big. Romeo was a perfect gentleman. There were a ton of cute and talented kids in the leadline group. I always love seeing new talent and the new love of horses in our youth.

Boo also competed in flags speed event. She walked her horse up to the barrel circled it once, twice ,three,four,five times reaching her arm as far as she could to swipe that flag. She got it and trotted all the way home! As some of you remember she has been trying to overcome her fear of trotting after a recent fall.. She came out of that arena she was smiling bigger than I’ve ever seen. Her trainer/coach was there too and we were both so proud of her!

I am so proud of the young lady that Capn Boo is becoming. Our horses are teaching us so much every day. So I’d say the kickoff show was a success. Its not about the placings, or about the ribbons. Its about overcoming our fears, working hard, trying something new, being dedicated, cheering on our friends, and gaining life lessons.


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