Good News/Bad News; Jo’s Journey

It seems in every situation there is good news and bad news. So for the bad news first. Many of you have been following the progress of HK Bar farms mare Shakira J Lo and her breeding to retired thoroughbred racehorse Major Duomo. At her last sonogram the vet said she was ready to go back to the stud barn  and try another round as she was open after a last breeding. So she went back to the stud barn and has not been receptive or accepted him at all. Not due to any lack of trying from Major Duomo’s owners!

Major Duomo’s owners have been absolutely fantastic to work with. I would recommend anyone to their services, and can’t think of a single negative thing to say about their breeding program. They have done everything in their power to make this union a success.

From sonograms and time references Jo ovulates early in her cycle, and the weather has been rainy and overcast. So both factors have been against us. The vet recommended waiting till next breeding season and breeding through a stud that offers artificial insemination. More bad news is Major Duomo does not offer a.I. at this time.

So among all the bad news, there is still  some good.  I now know we will have to start much earlier in the year next year. I have learned so much about breeding cycles and practices. And I have been able to work with Major Duomo and his owner. And the best news of all? Jo is coming home.

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