The Stress Melted Away Even Before the Ice Cubes

Does your life ever just get too heavy? Mine does. Like when I get a notice saying I didn’t pay our property taxes from the prior year despite my obsessive compulsive book keeping. Like when I am trying to juggle a part time job as a nurse, a new small business, our farm, and being a mom full time and I feel like I’m failing at all of them. Like when I see my husband work sixteen hour days and he comes home so tired he could fall asleep in his dinner plate.

Yes, sometimes my life just gets too heavy. And when it does I head to the horse barn.

Tonight after my husband and Boo, Owl, and Bunny were all tucked into bed I made my escape. I’d spent the evening with a fake smile plastered on my face, singing patty cake five hundred times complete with hand gestures with Owl and Bunny while Boo watched Dora at a deafening volume. 

I’m generally a very happy, easy going person but as I said before life just gets a bit heavy sometimes. I get tired. I get stressed. I worry. And when I feel like I’m going to burst into a million tears I run to the horse barn.

Tonight I spent time with our six minis. Twilight, Celeste, Louise, Grace, Rose, and Easter. I dewormed everyone, gave everyone a thorough brush through, and sat in the dirt handing out treats. The self appointed sentinel of the herd Twilight came up behind me and put his head on my shoulder. And he leaned into me, breathing hot mini horse breath in my ear. He stayed there just like that as I told him everything I could think of that was making life too heavy. Being the gentleman that he is, Twilight listened attentively until he saw a break in the conversation and only then did he inquire about another treat.

Soon I was feeling life get a little lighter. Sure, my problems and stressors were still there, but I felt better after just being with the minis. The sun was setting so I told everyone goodnight, shut up the barn and snuck a last round of treats. Then headed inside to my desk to tackle the tax issue. I noticed the mason jar full of ice water on my desk that I had left just before heading out to the barn. Although some of the ice had melted, it was still 3/4 full of unmelted ice. And in that moment I realized the minis made my stress melt, even before the ice cubes.

4 thoughts on “The Stress Melted Away Even Before the Ice Cubes

  1. I have also had conversations with my thoroughbreds to make me feel at peace. Horses are such wonderful listeners and so compassionate. I live in Phoenix, AZ and currently my horses are at meets in New Mexico so I won’t see them until September. In the past, I have traveled to New Mexico each summer to see them, but for health reasons I don’t think I will make it this year. The high altitude is a problem for me because I have Pulmonary Fibrosis and Pulmonary Hypertension. So I am recovering as best i can at home until my equine kids come back. I also have five human children, they are all grown, As a matter of fact, my oldest son is 40 years old today so that makes me an antique. Ha Ha! And my youngest son got married last month. Life is good but comes with struggles — thanks to our horses we can laugh most problems away.

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    • Happy birthday to your son! And age only makes us better, right? At least I’m hoping so….lol….. I bet you look forward to September and seeing your horses, as well as cooler weather! This is for reading, I always enjoy your posts on your blog and your comments.


  2. It’s great you have a resting place to get away from the hassles of life with your faithful horses. I enjoyed reading your story today Heather and I know things will get better for you. Always remember though to take some time for yourself to get away from it all like you do.

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