My Life in Quotes

My three girls keep it interesting. Boo is five, Owl is two and Bunny is one. By reading these following quotes you can journey into our world and get a small peek of what life on the HK is like.    

“My butt hurts.”- Owl. Sitting on a pointed rock and looking confused.

“You said we could do something fun. When is the fun part?”- Boo. Apparently riding horses, blowing bubbles, having a breakfast picnic, going for a walk, doing sidewalk chalk, and playing in the hose doesn’t constitute as “fun”.

” Poop! So much Poop!”- Bunny. Yes, baby girl there is. So, so much Poop. Welcome to my life.

“Sometimes I lie to you for my own entertainment.”-Boo. I blame my husband for this. Why? Just because.

” Did Dad get a second job just to be able to pay for all the coffee you consume? You know its kind of alot.”-Boo. Yes, he did. Your welcome.

“Quit talking! You’re making my eyes go in circles!”.-Owl. Apparently telling her to pick up her toys is just too much stress. She just can’t hear it.

” Squish me!” Pleaseeeeeee!?” -Bunny. Yes, because I frequently Squish my children.

My girls are always good for a laugh. They always make my day brighter, I hope they did yours too.

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