Reality Check

Sometimes life gives me a reality check. I’ve been feeling disconnected from people lately. Its hard to feel like you are holding up both sides of a relationship. It’s not rewarding at all to feel like you’re making a tremendous effort and no one gives a poop.

Today we decided to stay home from our horse show. Boo wanted to stay at Mimi’s cabin and I told her that was fine. I don’t ever want her to feel like horse shows are a must, I want them to be a choice she chooses. So since I had a babysitter for Owl and Bunny I decided to excersize the horses.







Only one missing is Romeo. My  phone died so no selfie with him. 🙂

But anyways while working horses I pondered my feelings. I’ve decided I want to be more like my horses. They never worry about thier “friends ” rejecting them.  They never keep score of how many invitations extended are turned down. They just enjoy life and if they see thier “horse friends” its like WOW ! BONUS I SAW MY FRIEND.

Today I’m thankful for my ever faithful horse friends that are always good for a reality check.

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