Staring Down the Rabbit Hole


So its really not a rabbit hole, its a coyote hole Jo and I found on our ride this morning. But all jokes aside, this picture sums up my life currently. I feel like life is happening all around me and I’m staring down the Rabbit hole asking myself should I go down? What’s on the other side of that hole? Will it be difficult? Will it be worth the effort?

Truth is, we never really know what’s on the other side. Truth is, its almost always difficult if its worth the effort. Truth is we don’t find out what’s there until we take the plunge.

So right now in my journey I am still hanging out at the holes entrance. Still pondering. I know I won’t stay here long. I’ve never been the indecisive type. Thoughtful maybe, but not idle.

So here I go. I’m jumping down the Rabbit hole. But I’m taking Jo with me.

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