Keep It Simple Stupid; Answering Life’s Questions


I had a sixth grade Science teacher that always said when you are stuck on a problem, or having trouble figuring something out, to k.I.s.s. I remember he wrote that on the whiteboard. K.I.S.S.

As you can imagine 20 plus sixth grade minds went to the gutter and caused giggling and snickering all around
But it didn’t mean “kiss” it was short for Keep It Simple Stupid. Basically reminding us to go back to the basics when conquering a problem. Because usually, the thing that is holding us back is something simple.

Now onto my second part of my story. All summer long Captain Boo has been struggling with trotting and loping. Which was an enigma in itself because this past fall and winter, she was doing all of these things. A little sloppily and green, but nevertheless, doing it.

Cue horse show season and she has really been struggling in her walk trot class. She has had a couple of falls from becoming unseated. She has much difficulty sitting  a trot, and pitching forward in her saddle. Despite changing horses and tack multiple times she was still having the same problems across the board.

Then yesterday came. It was a horseshow day and Captain Boo was preparing for walk trot. She was riding my big grey mare Jo. I was telling her to put her feet further in the stirrups. She made a forward motion with her foot, but couldn’t get her foot in farther. So I reach down and grab the back of her boot to shove it forward.

It was in that moment that lightning struck. I could feel her heel right above where it should have been. Then I felt how awkwardly worn her boot was.

Her boots were to small! All this time she hadn’t said a word. All the tricks we had tried, all the changes we had made of course would not have made the difference in her riding.

I was humbled in that moment. I was reminded to K.I.S.S.

Of course I felt foolish. The common denominator was poorly fitting footwear. If I had my boot on halfway it would throw me way off balance too. And I never noticed the awkward wear on her boot because her jeans cover them. What a rookie mistake on my part!

From the HK Bar to the world, if you are struggling with something, KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID! Our solution to  many of our problems is often in the small things.


Captain Boo on Shakira JLo "Jo"