Just a Feel Good Ride

Do you and your horse ever just have a feel good ride? You know the ones where you are both relaxed, you are synced and you flow?


Jo, "I know you aren't done brushing me!"

Jo and I had one of those rides today. We desperately needed it after our last barrel exhibition race. It was ugly! Jo was biting the bit and acting like she would dive bomb the barrels. She deliberately ran through her bit and would try to dodge the barrel. Which left me pulling on her face and being pitched around in my saddle . I said it was ugly!

But today was so pretty! She loped circles both ways, made all her rollbacks, side passed and worked gaits in and out like a pro, picked up her shoulder around the barrels, and didn’t try to run through the bit. It was amazing and just what we both needed.

After our workout she got a full grooming top to bottom with extra brushing on her face with the soft brush-her absolute favorite activity ever aside from eating.

So here’s to hoping our feel good rides continue. We are a long way from a competitive barrel pattern, but we are trying!



What We Lose As Mothers; My Moms Birthday Suprise

Now that I am a mom to my three girls Boo, 5, Owl,2, and Bunny, 1, I am often shown how much mothers give up and sacrifice so that thier children have opportunities. I have barrel raced since I was about seven years old. My mom was always very supportive. She coached, she drove truck and trailer countless miles in all kinds of weather and traffic to take me to shows and barrel races, she made sandwiches, ironed clothes, pressed jeans, woke up at the ass crack of dawn, gave up her weekends, slept in the truck at overnight shows, scrimped and saved so she could afford my horse and horse Habits, she celebrated my wins and held me and dried my tears when I lost, she raised me up when I was down…..she literally gave up her dreams for my own. She loves horses. But we could only afford one. And even then we really couldn’t afford that one. My mom was a single mother that ran a successful farm by herself. She always made it happen. But in all that making it happen for me, she put her own dreams on hold. 

My oldest daughter Boo has shown since she was three. After two complete show seasons under our belt I realize all the things my mom did and gave up so that I could barrel race and show, because I’m now doing those things for my own daughter.

So for my Moms Birthday this year I wanted to make one of her dreams come true.

My mom bought Triple Moon Charge for me as a weanling. I raised and trained him, and now here we are eighteen years later. He has been being used as a lesson horse and all around here on the HK Bar. Although he gets ridden and is well taken care of, he is reaching the point where he needed his own person. Someone to love him and only him.

Cue my Mom.

He needed a person.

She needed a horse.

So my boy Charger went back home to live on the farm he was raised on Mockingbird Hill, to live with my mom

He has his person
She has her long wanted dream.

And rumor has it they are going to show next season.

Happy birthday Momo.


Momo and Triple Moon Charge at Mockingbird Hill Farms



We should have named her Houdini. Jo is up to her antics again. I was out moving cows with the girls and had to take the lock off her gate. Of course we come back by her pasture and the gates swinging wide open . came back around the drive to find her looking  for me. Guess she figured I was inside since she found my boots on the porch. I miss you too dirty grey horse, and I get it you’re needing some attention . #dirtygreygirldontcare. #houdiniprotege.#lovemyjo.#dirtygreywannaplay


For those of you who just started reading my blog Jo is my ten year old American Quarter Horse. We have been together about two years now. She is my first mare after a long line of having geldings since I was a child. She is proving to be a smart and very talented girl. She is a master escape artist, she is able to untie complicated knots, open gates, and even flooded a friends barn once. If you like this post stay tuned and you’ll hear more about our girl Jo and life on the HK Bar.


I was attacked

This little guy and I were cool when he calmly strolled out from under the headliner. I thought oh its OK, he’s little. We’re cool. Yeah we WERE COOL until he decided to leap on my shirt and commence to rapel into my bra. Mind you I’m driving down the road. I whip over in the quarry turn off and commence to slamming the suburban in park, jumping out of it and doing the crazy dance taking my shirt off……and sadly this isn’t the worst of it. I was completely oblivious to the sheriff’s deputy that had pulled over and was witnessing my crazy. He says, “Everything alright?” I get shirt back on and weakly say, “It was a spider. We were cool until he jumped down my shirt.” Officer says, “Must of been one heck of a spider.” I say, “He was HUGE.”    Then he bid me good day and I bid him good day…… .only me. .