We should have named her Houdini. Jo is up to her antics again. I was out moving cows with the girls and had to take the lock off her gate. Of course we come back by her pasture and the gates swinging wide open . came back around the drive to find her looking  for me. Guess she figured I was inside since she found my boots on the porch. I miss you too dirty grey horse, and I get it you’re needing some attention . #dirtygreygirldontcare. #houdiniprotege.#lovemyjo.#dirtygreywannaplay


For those of you who just started reading my blog Jo is my ten year old American Quarter Horse. We have been together about two years now. She is my first mare after a long line of having geldings since I was a child. She is proving to be a smart and very talented girl. She is a master escape artist, she is able to untie complicated knots, open gates, and even flooded a friends barn once. If you like this post stay tuned and you’ll hear more about our girl Jo and life on the HK Bar.

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