I was attacked

This little guy and I were cool when he calmly strolled out from under the headliner. I thought oh its OK, he’s little. We’re cool. Yeah we WERE COOL until he decided to leap on my shirt and commence to rapel into my bra. Mind you I’m driving down the road. I whip over in the quarry turn off and commence to slamming the suburban in park, jumping out of it and doing the crazy dance taking my shirt off……and sadly this isn’t the worst of it. I was completely oblivious to the sheriff’s deputy that had pulled over and was witnessing my crazy. He says, “Everything alright?” I get shirt back on and weakly say, “It was a spider. We were cool until he jumped down my shirt.” Officer says, “Must of been one heck of a spider.” I say, “He was HUGE.”    Then he bid me good day and I bid him good day…… .only me. .   


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