What We Lose As Mothers; My Moms Birthday Suprise

Now that I am a mom to my three girls Boo, 5, Owl,2, and Bunny, 1, I am often shown how much mothers give up and sacrifice so that thier children have opportunities. I have barrel raced since I was about seven years old. My mom was always very supportive. She coached, she drove truck and trailer countless miles in all kinds of weather and traffic to take me to shows and barrel races, she made sandwiches, ironed clothes, pressed jeans, woke up at the ass crack of dawn, gave up her weekends, slept in the truck at overnight shows, scrimped and saved so she could afford my horse and horse Habits, she celebrated my wins and held me and dried my tears when I lost, she raised me up when I was down…..she literally gave up her dreams for my own. She loves horses. But we could only afford one. And even then we really couldn’t afford that one. My mom was a single mother that ran a successful farm by herself. She always made it happen. But in all that making it happen for me, she put her own dreams on hold. 

My oldest daughter Boo has shown since she was three. After two complete show seasons under our belt I realize all the things my mom did and gave up so that I could barrel race and show, because I’m now doing those things for my own daughter.

So for my Moms Birthday this year I wanted to make one of her dreams come true.

My mom bought Triple Moon Charge for me as a weanling. I raised and trained him, and now here we are eighteen years later. He has been being used as a lesson horse and all around here on the HK Bar. Although he gets ridden and is well taken care of, he is reaching the point where he needed his own person. Someone to love him and only him.

Cue my Mom.

He needed a person.

She needed a horse.

So my boy Charger went back home to live on the farm he was raised on Mockingbird Hill, to live with my mom

He has his person
She has her long wanted dream.

And rumor has it they are going to show next season.

Happy birthday Momo.


Momo and Triple Moon Charge at Mockingbird Hill Farms

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