Just a Feel Good Ride

Do you and your horse ever just have a feel good ride? You know the ones where you are both relaxed, you are synced and you flow?


Jo, "I know you aren't done brushing me!"

Jo and I had one of those rides today. We desperately needed it after our last barrel exhibition race. It was ugly! Jo was biting the bit and acting like she would dive bomb the barrels. She deliberately ran through her bit and would try to dodge the barrel. Which left me pulling on her face and being pitched around in my saddle . I said it was ugly!

But today was so pretty! She loped circles both ways, made all her rollbacks, side passed and worked gaits in and out like a pro, picked up her shoulder around the barrels, and didn’t try to run through the bit. It was amazing and just what we both needed.

After our workout she got a full grooming top to bottom with extra brushing on her face with the soft brush-her absolute favorite activity ever aside from eating.

So here’s to hoping our feel good rides continue. We are a long way from a competitive barrel pattern, but we are trying!


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