Hiatus; Where Have I Been?

It’s been over two weeks since my last post. I’m usually more active with my blog and I miss it while I am “gone”. I enjoy reading the blogs that I follow, and during time away I find myself wondering what is going on in the blogging world.

So the million dollar question is where have I been? Of course I’ve been here, on the HK Bar. Mostly digital detoxing and spending long hours with the horses. For two glorious weeks my friend,Jenita, came to visit from South Africa. We began as penpals some twenty years ago and we just never stopped writing. Finally after years of writing snailmail she made the trip to Kansas. Here we are Five trips later and it has become an annual holiday for us both.

Last year I visited her in London where she was currently working and then we flew back together to the HK. This year she made the trip from South Africa. We always have so much fun! We spent hours grooming horses, riding through the bean fields of the HK, playing with the girls, and visiting until wee hours of the night.

Jenita knows me better than almost anyone on this earth. I have always spoken candidly to her, and never held anything back. I can say with absolute conviction she has seen the truest form of myself.

Our holidays on the HK are always so magical, and then the time is over and reality hits with bitter force. The day arrives when she heads home, and all the world feels wrong for awhile.

Her absence is felt as I go about my horse chores. I miss her laugh as we canter horses up the excersize strip, and I miss getting two horses excersized at once. Bahahaha I can’t get too mushy or ill cry. But by now I’m sure you get the point. I miss my best friend when she goes back to her home that seems like another world away.

But there is always the next trip to look forward to. And life on the HK Bar continues. Horses still need groomed and ridden, cows still need worked, dogs still need walked, and Boo, Owl, and Bunny still need thier mommy.

So that’s where I’ve been. Just in case you have been wondering.


Checking beans on the HK Bar with Jenita (riding Katelyn) and me on Jo

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