Introducing…..drumroll please……

The HK Bar has been anticipating the arrival of APHA weanling filly, named flinthillspaintedlady, a.k.a. Flash for several weeks now. She was purchased from Double J Performance Horses out of Eskridge, Kansas, owned by Jana and J.D. Dreasher. If you like the filly you see, don’t hesitate to stop by Dreashers Facebook page Double J Performance Horses!

I am very excited about Flash’s future with us. I plan on doing the majority of training with her from the ground up, but also with fine tuning from more knowledgeable trainers. There is alot I feel I can do with a horse, but by no means am I an expert. I look forward to our journey together.

Several people have asked me what Flash’s job in life will be. I have had to laugh and just say “I hope…I would like….Maybe…..” Because I really don’t know her complete personality yet. I feel strongly about putting a horse to work doing what makes them happy. Of course if she shows an affinity for barrel racing I will be ecstatic, but thats when I start using those other phrases. The truth is I don’t know at this point who she will “turn out to be.” Its like asking a human five year old child what career path they have chosen. They have no idea, because we don’t really know who they are yet.

That’s what I really look forward to in the future. I am excited to find out who this filly really is!

It has been eighteen years since I have started a horse from ground up; so that being said its back to the books for me too.

While our filly is being weaned I have been preparing on our end. Her stall and run have been “baby proofed”, her brand of feed is in the grainery, and I have been reviewing any text I can get my hands on about raising babies.

The only things left to do are purchase her halter. Much harder than it sounds. It has always been tradition in our family to pick a color for our horses and then they are stuck with it for life(; tack). So we must pick her color/colors. And then pick her up when shes ready!

Stay tuned for more!

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