Walk….Run…Fly…; The art of going slow

I have been in the midst of patterning Jo on barrels. Which of course equates to massive amounts of slow work. Jo is naturally good natured and typically agreeable in all forms of work or play. But when it comes to the barrel pattern, this girl just wants to flat out run like her tail is on fire. She will bite the bit and charge at each barrel like she is charging through the depths of hell. The girl sees the pattern and she loses all whoa factor.

So we do slow work….lots and lots of slow work….

Yesterday my oldest daughter Boo, whom is five, was watching us do our slow work. She sat quietly on the edge of the horse trailer while her two little sisters Owl, 2, and Bunny 1, played in the dirt with thier tonka trucks. It’s very rare that Boo sits still.

After Jo and I’s workout I brought her back to the trailer, put her halter back on and began to untack her. Boo cradled Jos head in her lap and petted her as she sat on the fender well.

I look over to see Boos forehead against Jo’s and both of thier eyes were closed. They looked so peaceful there together. Two souls so full of energy and passion that they just can’t hardly hold themselves back. And in that moment Boo’s words interrupted my thoughts, she said to Jo

“I know its frustrating when Mama holds you back and makes you walk when all you want to do is run. But girl, its like she tells me, you have to be able to walk it perfectly before you can run it perfectly. I get how you feel because people like us aren’t made for walking, we aren’t really even made for running, we’re made for flying.

Oh Captain Boo my wise little cowgirl.

I smile knowing  she has been listening to all my words reminding her to slow down. I smile knowing that just like Boo, Jo too is getting my messages to slow it down and learn to do things right.

I smile knowing they both know they are born to not walk, to not run, BUT TO FLY.

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